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Whether you want to learn how to use technology in education, how to be a published feature writer, what it takes to edit well, how to coordinate your social media platforms, or how to brand yourself as your enter the working world, I am here to help.

I love to meet with groups of all ages and interests to help them better understand the written word, how to make money from writing, and how social media can work for you. Seminars can last from an hour to a weekend, depending on your time and level of interest.

I look forward to helping out with your next educational endeavor. Please feel free to contact me at 614.620.2476, contact me through Twitter, or email.

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6 thoughts on “Contact Me!”

  1. Dear Nicole,
    I’ve been looking for a book titled
    100 Years in Harness: A Pictorial Journey through Harness Racing in the 20th Century. Is this one of your books? I’d really like to get a copy for a gift. Please let me know where I can find it.

  2. Kim Jacobs is the city’s first gay, female police chief.

    Was their a woman police officer before her? Then, “Kim Jacobs is the city’s first female police officer. Ms. Jacobs is also gay.”

    1. Thanks for the comment–there were other female officers before Chief Jacobs. She is the first female chief.

  3. Would love to do a phone interview of you about your book and your iTunes course.

    I believe I am being quite brave here… asking for an interview from someone who teaches how to do them…. OK I am a bit nervous…

    If interested please contact me at:

    Kindest Regards,
    JW Najarian

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