I think the hardest thing to get adjusted to in academia is this three week break we get between Autumn and Winter quarters. Don’t get me wrong–any mandated vacation is good with me, and in my old life in the corporate world it was hard enough to take a week off, let alone three.

But it also feels great to finally be back in the educational saddle, teaching four classes involving three different course:

  • Comm 422, Writing for News Media (2 sections)
  • Comm 602, Magazine Writing
  • Comm 621, Enterprise Reporting Across Diverse Communities

Each one offers such inspiration and opportunity–from social media to multimedia to magazine article writing (and selling) to good old fashioned meeting coverage–I can’t wait to get them started. And a big bonus is the number of repeat students who I welcomed again this quarter–both in the continuation course of Comm 422, but also in 621 and in 602 where students have come back from my first year of teaching, and I even get to teach my son’s hockey coach!

What a wonderful winter this promises to be!