We are enjoying Spring Break next week at Ohio State, and that can mean just one thing–it’s time to do some writing.

While my students are on cruises and beaches or building homes for New Jersey’s poor, I am excited to be finishing and tackling some writing projects that let me explore much that is new to me.

I am just now finishing up a quarter-long project with the Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center, crafting stories for a “donor” publication to be sent to those who have–or the school hopes will–give donations. The variety of those articles is always challenging and exciting–I learned about veterinary pathology, the master’s degree in pubic health and the Honoring the Bond program, as wella s got to meet some exceptional people who have chosen to find generosity in some life-altering moments.

Most heartbreaking was the story of one accomplished veterinarian, who gave year after year to medicine and his students–until the day he dropped dead from a brain anyeurism. He was not married and childless, so his mother was in charge of burying her son and deciding his legacy. That led her to donate his entire estate to a scholarship for students to study The Wilds exotic animal park.

Although my VMC project is done, next up on my writing agenda is a feature article for Columbus Monthly on the Columbus Arts Festival, and I hope to hear back soon from the Ohio State Alumni Association Magazine on some ideas for them.

I wish my students all the best on their well-earned spring vacation, but as any writer knows, March–like every month–is writing season.