bunnycover-smInteractive Book No. 2 hit the shelves today in the form of “Writing Like Rabbits: A guide to creating and selling magazine articles.”

I am especially exited about this book, which comes 10 years to the semester since I first started teaching magazine writing at Ohio State, and I finally have the textbook I feel my students need and deserve: comprehensive, informative, entertaining and inexpensive (a steal at $1.99).

My eternal gratitude goes to all those who contributed to its creation–from journalists to the terrific staff of Ohio State’s Office of Distance Education and E-Learning.

I hope you will join me in learning to write like rabbits!


2 thoughts on “‘Writing Like Rabbits’ Hits iTunes!”

  1. Hello Nicole.

    I am currently undertaking your course on Itunes U, and can not find your book: Writing like rabbits anywhere. Is there a link I can find it on? If not, could you recommend others, similar in content?

    Thanks a lot.

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